Don't drink and game, folks. It's never pretty.

Subotai, as a thief, shouldn't be able to wear chainmail armor. So he must be wearing elven chain.

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Scene: Subotai and Conan, in full battle garb, watch on as Thulsa Doom and his guards approach on horseback.
DM:You drank all the rum? There was at least four fingers left in the bottle!
Thulsa Doom:Yeah, but there's still a few bites of bean dip left for you.
DM:That was 165 proof Barbados rum!
Thulsa Doom:I'll be fine. Is my army there yet?
Subotai:He's sloshed!
DM:Really. You're in no shape to be playing.
Thulsa Doom:Really. I'll be fine. Just let me look over the map for a bit.
Conan:Should we continue this tomorrow?
Subotai:No way. I want to see how badly we can slaughter him.
DM:Tom, just don't throw up on the table.
Conan:Seriously. I don't want to lose this character.

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