And so, after much fanfare, we start the big battle scene of the film. For all his charisma, the character Thulsa Doom never seems to act very intelligent in this battle, which is why I had to come up with a way to explain his actions in the game.

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Scene: Thulsa Doom sends his guards to attack the fortifications made by Conan and Subotai
DM:Your troops crest the hilltop overlooking the fortifications.
Thulsa Doom:Not many choices here.
Conan:Yeah. Good luck with that.
Thulsa Doom:I'll send three horsemen down the north path here.
DM:Are you sure about that?
Thulsa Doom:Of course. It'll be fine. But, you know, those rocks do sort of look like a good place for an...
Conan:{ Chopping with this axe at a horseman. } I jump out from the rocks and chop!
Thulsa Doom:...ambush.

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