The ending battle is where everyone seems to act a different part. Subotai and the wizard become fighters, Thulsa Doom becomes stupid and useless, and Conan uses a shield. Heck, the princess doesn't even hiss. And this is the climax of the film.

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Scene: Thulsa Doom watches the battle below, while Conan and Subotai slaughter his troops.
Thulsa Doom:Well that didn't work. Let's try four on the East side.
Subotai:{ Stabbing a horseman. } Eat my big spear!
Thulsa Doom:Huh. That's not working either. Wait - a spear? Thieves can't use spears.
DM:He multi-classed as fighter while you were drinking.
Thulsa Doom:I thought you liked being a thief.
Subotai:I finally went with what I was playing. {Stabs another horseman. } Thirteen!
Thulsa Doom:So, that means you... are first level?
Subotai:Yes, and I'm still able to turn your "elite" troops into hamburger.

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