The title directly references what the players are skirting around: if getting to the knoll was a victory, then Thulsa Doom suffered a Pyrrhic victory, and "one more such victory would utterly undo him."

This comic really made me think about the negative space in my compositions. Yeah, I know, basic art 101, but, still, it remain an interesting concept to explore in comics. Especially one, like mine, which is heavily dependent upon "borrowed" sources.

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Scene: Thulsa Doom watches the battle below, while Conan and Subotai slaughter his troops.
Thulsa Doom:So, that means I have, what, six guys left?
DM:Three. Four if you count Doom.
Thulsa Doom:How about the high level ones?
DM:Thorgrum and Rexor? Yes. You still have those two. The third one is on the knoll with the princess.
Thulsa Doom:Yes! He broke through the defenses! Take that!
Conan:Um. Okay. Do you want me to also say, "Uncle?"
Subotai:Now try getting that one back to the other side.

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