The quote this title draws from ends with, "... for close encounters." The character was, of course, refering to a ranged weapon.

While considering this part of the film, I had to come up with a reason for Doom's failure to do anything. Here's a short list of what I thought up:

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Scene: Thulsa Doom watches the battle below, while Conan and Subotai slaughter his troops.
Subotai:There's one up on the knoll?
Subotai:I switch to my bow, and shoot him! { The rider Subotai aims for falls down, and the arrow hits with a "Thwak." }
Thulsa Doom:You can't do that. You're a fighter now. Fighters have to use swords and such.
Subotai:No they don't.
Thulsa Doom:Really? Hey, wait - I've got a bow. I'll shoot it!
DM:Conan and Subotai aren't visible from where you're at. The stones are blocking your view of them.
Thulsa Doom:Then I'll lay down some cover fire.
Scene: Conan and Subotai duck behind rocks, while arrows echo "ping" around them.
Conan:Can't Subotai shoot Doom?
Subotai:I'd rather have more fun, first.

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