A lame comic for today. I'm trying to move the story along to a set of jokes I've had for a long while. Consider it a pause to contemplate the severe lack of mounted rules in first edition AD&D.

Conan refers to Chapter 9, so Thorgrum did all of 2 points of damage.

On a side note, these were the only frames of Conan charging where he wasn't completely blurred. No, I didn't do anything to the images; those are really Arnold's eyes there.

There doesn't seem to be a thread for this chapter. Check for yourself at the forum for chapters.


Scene: Rexor and Thorgrum attack Conan.
Thorgrum (as Thulsa Doom):Aha! Thorgrum scores a hit!
Conan:And? I've been hurt more from falling.
Rexor (as Thulsa Doom):Now Rexor will finish you off!
Conan:{ Rexor and Conan charge at each other. } I go for the horse's legs.
Rexor (as Thulsa Doom):{ Rexor falls off his horse } Wait, what? Wasn't it my attack?
DM:You spent your attack charging.
Thorgrum (as Thulsa Doom):Then... Thorgrum dismounts.

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