Let's see. In order of mention in the comic:

  1. Valeria died.
  2. Conan cremated Valeria.
  3. Conan was raised from the dead by the use of the wizard's artifact.
  4. Valeria appeared as a Deus Ex Machina. Note that Tom wasn't playing yet at that point.

You'll have to pardon the next few comics. I'm going to milk this for all it's worth, and the whole thing is based off of about five seconds of screen time. Needless to say, you'll see a lot of the same images. So, yeah, that's just a long way of saying I'm going to be lazy.

There doesn't seem to be a thread for this chapter. Check for yourself at the forum for chapters.


Scene: Valeria, wrapped in an ethereal mist, stands before Conan and Rexor.
Rexor (as Thulsa Doom):Valeria?
Conan:Isn't she dead?
Rexor (as Thulsa Doom):You cremated her.
Conan:Maybe the wizard brought her back from the dead.
Rexor (as Thulsa Doom):She's cremated.
Conan:But he has that really powerful artifact thing.
Rexor (as Thulsa Doom):Which required him to write on the corpse.
Conan:Maybe he wrote really carefully.
Rexor (as Thulsa Doom):Look - she's dead, and there ain't no coming back for her. What's she doing here?
DM:Saving Conan's life.
Subotai:I have a sudden feeling of Deus-Ex-Machina vu.
Conan:Maybe she's undead.
Rexor (as Thulsa Doom):{ beat } What, like a ghost?
Subotai:Maybe a spectre.

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