Remember that Thorgrum didn't die from the spike trap? I had to do something with him.

I finally get to move away from the heavily reused screen shots. Extra points if you can identify the scenes the last images are from.

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Scene: Valeria, wrapped in an ethereal mist, stands before Conan and Rexor.
Subotai:Maybe she's a groaning spirit.
Thorgrum (as Thulsa Doom):This isn't getting us anywhere. What does she look like?
DM:She's wearing shiny armor, and has an ethereal look about her.
Subotai:That second part doesn't help.
DM:Look. She bound herself to this place when she saved Conan the first time, alright?
Subotai:That still doesn't answer the main question - how much experience is she worth?
Thorgrum (as Thulsa Doom):We need to know!
DM:That does it. { Valeria strikes at Rexor with a flash of light. } With a swipe of her sword, she blinds Rexor.
Rexor (as Thulsa Doom):Wait - what? No saving throw?
DM:She lashes out at Thorgrum.
Conan:Oh, ouch!
Thulsa Doom:Ooooh!
Thulsa Doom:Well, that's one way to take down a high level fighter.
Subotai:You don't see dismemberment like that every day.
Conan:That organ can't physically be removed that way!

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