Warning: the next paragraph contains heavy linking to TV Tropes. Viewers who are sucked into that site for hours at end must take caution.

I made this comic specifically in order to ruin all those fan fics out there that are pairing the various characters together, especially after the reveal of Sandra, and Tom choosing Valeria.

I included that last wide shot to show the layout of the area. In the upper left corner, you'll notice the Wizard's hut. In the background is the sea. I found this really interesting, because, until now, I had never noticed the few moments in this scene where you can see the water.

Oh, and that bit about "hotter when covered" is from Pyramus and Thisbe.

There doesn't seem to be a thread for this chapter. Check for yourself at the forum for chapters.


Scene: Valeria, wrapped in an ethereal mist, stands before Conan and Rexor.
Thulsa Doom:So that leaves me with Rexor and Doom.
DM:Valeria looks down at Conan, and says in a somber yet playful tone...
Thulsa Doom:Hold on. Why is Valeria doing this?
DM:I told you. She became bound here when she saved Conan.
Thulsa Doom:Yes, but why is she saving Conan? She hated him! If anything, she would keep Rexor from killing him, just so she could have the pleasure of ding it herself.
DM:But there was love under that fierce facade, that burned hotter when covered, like a...
Conan:Really? If only I knew!
Thulsa Doom:She was my character, so I should know. There was no way something creepy like that was going on.
DM:She was my NPC first!
Thulsa Doom:Wait - what? Have you and Chris been...
Thulsa Doom:Because I couldn't deal with it if you cheated on me with him.

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