If you think this comic isn't funny, you should have seen the original. All I'll say is that it had something to do with incendiary devices and breakfast cereal. Trust me on this - comic writing and cold medicine don't mix.

In OSRIC (and, thusly, Dungeons and Dragons) vernacular, "turning" undead refers to using the holy power of a cleric to repel the undead.

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Scene: Thulsa Doom sits on his horse atop a small hill, watching the battle between Rexor, Conan, and the ghost of Valeria, while Subotai runs about.
Subotai:This is getting rediculous. If only we had a cleric to turn Valeria.
Thulsa Doom:That's it! Doom has a scroll of control undead!
DM:But she's not undead.
Thulsa Doom:If she's a spirit, who's able to interact with the physical world, then she's undead. I'm going to take control of her, and then you'll really hear what she thinks of Conan, and she'll be played like she should.
DM:You really haven't thought this through.
Thulsa Doom:What do you mean?
DM:Oh, fine. As you finish reading the scroll, you look up to find that Valeria has disappeared, long before you finish the ten minute casting time.
Thulsa Doom:Wait - what? Noooo!

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