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Scene: The battle between Rexor and Conan rages on.
Conan:So, I'm standing up now, right? Since hairy guy was blinded.
DM:Yes, but now his blindness is over.
Conan:So I get initiative? Eight! Miss!
Rexor (as Thulsa Doom):Five! Miss!
Subotai:Not this again.
Conan:Seventeen! Eighteen!
Rexor (as Thulsa Doom):Wait - what? Can you do that?
Conan:I'm level 7; I get three hits every two rounds.
Rexor (as Thulsa Doom):{ Falls over in his death cry. } Noooo!
DM:{ Conan somberly picks up the sword of Rexor, and folds his arms. } Chris? Are you alright?
Conan:I'm just so happy.

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