If it isn't painfully obvious, Tom (who plays Thulsa Doom), throws up in the last panel.

Also, for those who don't know such things, rolling a percentile means rolling two ten-sided dice of different colors, calling one of them the "tens" and the other the "ones" (two zeros is considered a 100). Michael (who is playing Subotai) refers to the red die as being the "tens."

For those not all-up-on the 'Net speak that I'm familiar with, the phrase "ner ner!" is condescending, similar to the children's chant of, "nah nah nah nah naaah naaah!"

As to the scene with Subotai blocking the arrow, it seems as though the special effect was done by having Gerry Lopez (who plays Subotai) jump across the camera, while an off-screen stage hand fires the snake-arrow at the moving shield.

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Scene: Thulsa Doom looks over the battle field from atop a knoll, having just fired an Arrow of Slaying at the princess.
Thulsa Doom:I make sure to take really steady aim.
DM:You already fired the slaying arrow.
Subotai:Hey - can I block that arrow? I've got a shield, too.
DM:Since you have a dex bonus, I'll give you a twenty-eight percent chance.
Thulsa Doom:Wait - what? No!
Subotai:Here it goes. Red one's tens.
Thulsa Doom:I can't look.
Subotai:Twenty... six! Yes! Denied! Oh, you so failed.
Thulsa Doom:No! I just can't. I mean.
Subotai:Ner ner!
Thulsa Doom:Blearghfl!
DM:Ew! This is what I was talking about. Leave the table right now, and sleep it off in the shower.
Subotai:Aw, man. All over the pizza and the character sheets.
Conan:Not mine! Conan was saved!

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