This comic is the original scripted version of the "Tower" sequence, chapters 29-37.

I took some shortcuts with this comic (no borders, no colored backing or slanting of the "kick" and "squeek"), and played with the fonts. One issue I've had with the font I had been using (CrimeFighter BB) was that it was wide, making it hard to fit small, ledgible text into a small panel, and the periods look like dashes. In this one I tried out DigitalStrip. It's definitely more ledgible, but I've grown fond of the old CrimeFighter - it seems more natural.

Note that this wasn't a total quick hack job. The tunnel panel is another composite of two frames to stretch it out, and put both characters in the same panel.

There doesn't seem to be a thread for this chapter. Check for yourself at the forum for chapters.


Narrator:Originally, comics 29-37 were planned out completely different. This comic shows the original version of the script, slightly abridged to fit into a single comic.
Scene: Conan and Subotai descend into the Serpent Tower.
DM:After climbing down the well, you find yourselves in a small chamber containing rats, feasting on human remains.
Conan:{ Kicks a rat }
Rat:{ Squeeks }
Subotai:First battle - check!
DM:The only other exit is a tunnel, to the North. { Conan and Subotai enter the tunnel. } The tunnel extends for twenty feet, and opens into a pit, ten foot radius, with a pedestal in the middle. A giant anaconda is coiled around the pedestal.
Conan:{ Conan struggles with the snake. } We fight the snake.
DM:{ Conan stands in front of a decapitated snake. } You win.
Conan:Any treasure?
DM:Magic ointment, a star ruby, and a jade necklace.
Subotai:Any other exits?
DM:No. You've reached the deepest part of the tower.
Subotai:For some reason, I was expecting a bigger dungeon.

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