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Subject: Screen Cap Comics for the technologically impaired
I have lots of ideas for a Matrix webcomic, but I can't seem to figure out how to capture screen shots from my VOB file.  I don't suppose you can walk me through how to capture movie images and crop them?

Subject: Re: Screen Cap Comics for the technologically impaired
I'm not sure what OS you're using.

For myself, I'm on Linux, and I have a large array of tools that I use for this.

On Windows, I think the common approach is to use something like DVD Shrink (http://"http://") to rip the DVD to your harddrive, convert it to an AVI, then perform screen captures on it (in Windows, Alt+PrtScn works wonders). (http://"") has some good resources for ripping DVDs and converting them to AVIs.  One that it mentions is CloneAD (http://""), which looks like what you want.

As for resizing pictures, a good general purpose image editor is IrfanView.  However, if you're going to make a screen capture comic, you'll need to learn a more powerful editor, like Photoshop or The GIMP.

Let me know if you need any more details.

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