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Subject: Chapter 98: Wine, Women, and Battles
LTRFTP(sounds geekier this way,doesnt it).

Anyway,Ive registered to sugest that maybe Wine, Women, and War(s) might been a better title.

Love the comic,by the way(though Im not such a big fan of conan myself).

Subject: Re: Chapter 98: Wine, Women, and Battles
Thanks for the note.  I'm always happy to know that I have more than six readers.

I'm a big fan of alliteration, and I like your title.  However, this one was supposed to reflect the speech by Mako (who plays the part of the wizard),

I sing to them.  On nights when they wish, I sing of the tales of battles, heros, witches, and women.

However, I didn't pull it off very well.    :-X

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